Pet insurance & making claims

Pet Insurance is designed to ease the financial burden when faced with treating a health condition in your pet.

There are an abundance of pet insurance companies in the UK, so it’s important to take some time to understand what different providers are offering.

If you have a new puppy or kitten, we are able to introduce you to Petplan® on the day of a veterinary examination. In return Petplan® can offer you 4 weeks free insurance cover if you accept their terms and conditions within 24 hours. Please feel free to ask about this offer at a new puppy or kitten check.


Your pet insurance policy

Garston Vets strongly supports the principle of insuring your pets against accident and illness. We do however remind you that any contract of insurance is between you and your insurer so it’s important that you refer to the terms and conditions of your own insurance policy.


How to make a routine pet insurance claim

In general, we would ask you to settle your account as normal on collection of your animal. We would then advise you to complete and sign the owner’s section of a claim form from your insurance company (these can usually downloadable from the internet), and leave the form with our reception team. Our administration staff will then aim to process your claim within 5 working days. Your insurance company should then make a payment to you, less any excess amounts and uncovered items.

Garston Vets do not charge any additional administration fees for this type of claim.


Direct claims

A direct insurance claim is one where you do not pay us the full amount, just the excess and fees not covered by your insurance policy. We then claim the money directly from your insurance company.

Under some circumstances, we will accept direct claims with certain approved insurers at our discretion. In the event that all or any part of the claim is not paid by your insurance company for any reason, you will be required to settle the outstanding balance. If you have any concerns, we would recommend that you obtain pre-authorisation from your insurer before work is carried out.

If you are considering a direct claim please confirm this is a possibility prior to treatment. You will be required to pay your excess and leave a completed claim form at reception when you collect your animal.

There is a £25 administration charge for all direct claims.

Even if you are insured we remind you that payment for services remains your responsibility and must be settled within 60 days.


Ongoing pet insurance claims

If your pet has an ongoing condition you will be required to pay for your medication as you go along then periodically claim back the cost. You will need to submit a signed claim form each time you do this.