Kennel Cough - contagious yet preventable

Kennel Cough is the term given to a dry, retching cough that affects dogs of all ages. It is highly contagious, can last for weeks, and is often difficult to specifically treat as both viruses and bacteria can be involved.

An estimated 40,000 cases of kennel cough are seen by vets in the UK alone each year.

There is a vaccination available to hopefully prevent your pet from getting the disease.


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Kennel cough is not just caught in kennels

Although a real problem if spreading throughout a kennels, the name kennel cough is actually a misnomer. A recent survey suggests that less than half of kennel cough outbreaks originated in kennels. Every dog is potentially at risk, however healthy they are. Your dog could encounter the disease in any situation where dogs meet other dogs nose to nose…

  • The park
  • The street
  • Dog shows
  • Training classes
  • Next door’s dog


Protecting your dog against Kennel Cough

The good news is, you can give your dog protection against contracting kennel cough with a single annual vaccination. There are several strains of the illness, but vaccinating against the most common strains of Kennel Cough will not only protect your pet but lots of other pets too given its highly contagious nature.


Other diseases your dog should be vaccinated against

There are a number of dog-specific diseases that have historically caused severe diseases, such as Parvovirus, Infectious Hepatitis, Distemper, and Leptospirosis. These are all preventable if your dog is routinely vaccinated. Find out more about recommended dog vaccinations.


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