Laparoscopic bitch spays at Garston Vets

A laparoscopic bitch spay is a less invasive ‘keyhole’ procedure for neutering female dogs. The surgery requires investment in specialised endoscopic equipment and extensive training. Not all vet surgeries are able to provide this, but Garston Vets are pleased to offer Somerset & Wiltshire pet owners the technique at its Frome and Trowbridge surgeries.


About laparoscopic spays

How is a laparoscopic spay performed?

This type of surgery is often called a ‘keyhole’ approach because the procedure is performed through very small incisions. An endoscope with a camera attached and specialist instruments are passed into the abdomen through two small holes in the body wall. Using the camera, the surgeon is easily able to view clear and magnified images on a TV monitor. This ‘neuter’ procedure simply involves the surgical removal of both ovaries (‘ovariectomy’).


Advantages over traditional spay procedures…

  • Smaller surgical wounds
  • Less postoperative pain
  • Faster recovery from surgery
  • Less risk of postoperative complications


A traditional bitch spay surgery involves a single but larger incision through the abdominal wall. Bigger incisions are often more painful than smaller ones and there is the potential for more significant post-operative wound complications. The traditional surgery involves pulling ovaries away from their attachments on the body wall so that the surgeon can see to tie off the vessels before removing them. This is believed to cause more discomfort and potentially a prolonged recovery time.


Why choose Garston Vets for a laparoscopic spay?

  • Laparoscopic spays are performed at our Frome & Trowbridge surgeries.
  • Spays can typically be performed from 16 weeks of age (before the first season).
  • Garston Vets are able to offer this service to dogs as small as 5kg.
  • Simple booking system with our dedicated veterinary nurse.
  • Free pre-operative health checks with a veterinary surgeon.
  • One-to-one care from our dedicated team.
  • Intravenous fluids to maintain blood pressure and hydration.
  • Tailored pain relief protocols and individual patient pain assessments.
  • State-of-the-art equipment for monitoring and temperature regulation.
  • Two free post-operative checks with a veterinary nurse.


On the day of surgery, we will ask you to arrive early to admit your pet. You will be given instructions beforehand on when your pet can last eat and drink before surgery. You will be met by our admissions nurse for a 10-minute appointment, in which the nurse will recheck your pet’s health and confirm that she is fit for surgery. Our hospital nurse will care for her until the moment she goes to theatre. They will also be with her throughout her recovery post-surgery and provide her with food, water, and the opportunity to stretch her legs in our enclosed gardens.

If you are not a Garston Vets client, we are happy to operate on your pet with consent from your own veterinary practice. Your vet will be sent an email to update them on your chosen method of neutering.

Laparoscopic spay costs

Costs include a pre-op check with the vet, intravenous fluid therapy, postoperative pain relief, a buster collar, and 2 postoperative appointments with a veterinary nurse.


Pet Standard Price Wellness Plan Price
Small Dog

5 – 10kg

£516.00 £464.40

(saving £51.60)

Medium Dog

between 10kg & 25kg

£543.00 £488.70

(saving £54.30)

Large Dog

between 25kg & 40kg

£580.50 £522.45

(saving £58.05)

Giant Dog

over 40kg

£613.00 £551.70

(saving £61.30)


For further information about laparoscopic spays please contact our team and visit our neutering page.