New kittens are welcome at Garston Vets 

At Garston Vets, we are always delighted to meet new additions to the family. We understand that getting a kitten can be quite an experience, so we try to make your visits kitten-friendly and as informative as possible.

Our kitten vaccination course starts with a first vaccination from 9 weeks of age, with the second vaccination 3-4 weeks later. Kittens are ready to explore the great outdoors 7 days after their 2nd vaccination.

Please take a look at the benefits of joining one of our preventative health Wellness Plans at an early stage in your pet’s life – vaccinations, parasite medications, microchips & check ups can all be included.

To book a new kitten appointment, contact us to register your new pet and make an appointment.

Register your kitten


What to expect on your first Kitten visit:

  • A 20-minute consultation with the Nurse
  • Weight check to ensure your kitten is a healthy weight
  • Advice on fleas, ticks, worms, pet insurance, microchipping, diet, behaviour, neutering, and anything else you want to know!
  • Receive our Garston Kitten Pack
  • Voucher for your complimentary bag of ROYAL CANIN® diet food
  • A 15-minute consultation with the Vet
  • Full health check
  • 1st vaccination and certificate
  • Introduction to Petplan® for 4 weeks FREE pet insurance (if required)
  • Lots of kitten cuddles!


What to expect on your second Kitten visit:

  • A 15-Minute consultation with the Nurse
  • Weight check to ensure your kitten is growing at a healthy rate
  • 2nd vaccination
  • More kitten cuddles!

You can bring your new kitten to any Garston Vets small animal practice in Frome, Melksham, Trowbridge, Warminster, or Westbury.

Read all about the fantastic veterinary facilities and services your kitten will benefit from at Garston Vets.