Pet neutering at Garston Vets

Castration & Spay surgeries

‘Neutering’ of your pet involves the surgical removal of their reproductive organs and can potentially have a number of benefits. In males the procedure is called a castration, and in females a spay.

At Garston Vets, our expert team is always willing to advise you on the ideal age and time to neuter your pet, and how to care for them before, during, and after the procedure.

Our Wellness Plan members will receive a further 10% off the standard costs of castration or spay surgeries.

The potential benefits of neutering dogs, cats, rabbits, and other small pets

  • The most obvious reason for neutering pets is simply to prevent unwanted pregnancies and reduce the likelihood of adding to the number of animals trying to find new homes in animal shelters.
  • Neutering will stop the behavioural and lactational problems associated with phantom pregnancies encountered in some females.
  • Neutering reduces the risk of certain diseases and health conditions including; in females – mammary cancer and infections of the uterus (pyometra); in male pets – prostatic disease, perianal tumours, and perineal hernias.
  • Neutering may see an end to some undesirable behaviours such as territorial marking, urinating indoors, wandering off in search of a mate, and sexually related aggression issues.


What’s involved in neutering your pet?

Castrations and spays are surgical procedures typically carried out as day cases, meaning your pet is admitted in the morning and should be ready for you to collect later that same day. Our nurses will contact you during the day with an update on your pet’s recovery.

Our small animal facilities include state-of-the-art operating theatres and equipment, and comfortable patient wards where your pet will be closely monitored and given time to recuperate before being discharged.

Pet neutering & weight management

It’s commonly known that some dogs are more prone to gain weight after being neutered. At Garston Vets we are committed to helping you keep your pet at an ideal & healthy weight and offer ongoing weight checks as an aid to achieving this.

As an approved ROYAL CANIN® Weight Management Centre, we can provide tailored nutritional advice based on assessing and monitoring your pet’s body condition score over time.

Laparoscopic ‘keyhole’ bitch spays

Garston Vets are able to offer a more modern and less invasive approach to neutering female dogs than the traditional spay. Please feel free to contact the surgery to discuss booking a laparoscopic bitch spay for your pet.