Veterinary nurse clinics for pets in Somerset & Wiltshire

Our nursing team works alongside the veterinary surgeons at our surgeries in Frome, Melksham, Trowbridge, Warminster, and Westbury to ensure the well-being of all our patients.

Many of our Registered Veterinary Nurses have a wealth of pet care knowledge to share and have even taken further qualifications in certain topics, like dentistry, feline health and exotic animals. As well as performing their routine nursing duties, our nurses also provide their own clinics for pets of all ages.

Many of the nurse clinics are free to registered clients, although any materials or products used will incur the associated charges.  Please contact our telephone team to enquire about specific nurse clinic fees and to make an appointment.

Nurse pet care

The nurse clinics we offer include a range of checks, to not only assess your pet’s health but to help further educate you owners on things to look out for at home. Our nurse clinics include:

  • WELLNESS PLAN appointments – Our nurses are heavily involved in providing additional services to our Wellness Plan pets. Whether as routine mid-year health checks, emptying anal glands, clipping nails or dispensing parasite medications when they are due … all these are covered by our Wellness Plan at no additional cost.
  • Senior Clinics – Our experienced team of consulting veterinary nurses provide a clinic to assess and discuss various aspects of pet health affecting our more elderly patients. The ideal timing for these appointments is a week or so before your annual check up with a veterinary surgeon.
  • Puppy and kitten checks – As part of your new pet’s first visit to our surgery, we offer a nurse appointment to discuss all things puppy & kitten, including feeding, watching their weight, and any topics related to preventative health.
  • Parasite protection – The options available for controlling worms, fleas, and ticks can seem overwhelming. Our nurses can advise you on the best parasite prevention for your pet based on their lifestyle and your concerns. We offer free flea checks for clients wanting to start their animals on veterinary standard products.
  • Microchip implantation – Our registered veterinary nurses can insert and register microchips as a means of permanent identification of your beloved pet.
  • Adolescent health checks – Our nurses offer a free check-up at 6 months of age to check growth rates, body conditions, adult tooth eruptions and to discuss nutrition, neutering, as well as any queries you may have regarding your pet’s progress in life.
  • Nutritional Advice & Weight Management Clinics – As ROYAL CANIN® Weight Management Approved Centres we can help you identify if your pet is overweight before it becomes an issue, and help your pet back to a healthy weight with a few lifestyle and diet changes. Learn more about weight management.
  • Post operative appointments – Our nurses are there too help guide you through your pet’s care after surgery and address any concerns. They may provide wound care advice, dressing changes, and removal or skin sutures or staples.
  • Dental care – Our nurse dental checks for those individuals that have concerns help to identify any ongoing issues and suggest solutions that may reduce the need for more complicated treatments.
  • Pet behaviour – Our nursing team can provide initial advice on certain behavioural challenges. Some cases may require an appointment with a veterinary surgeon. As the next step we may also recommend a referral to an animal behaviourist.
  • Anal gland emptying – nobody’s favourite job, but regular emptying may be a necessity for the comfort of certain individual dogs.
  • Nail clipping – our nurses are experts!
  • Grooming advice – Our nurses are more than happy to chat through any grooming tips they may have, and discuss what equipment you may need.
  • Administration of medications – some clients may need help with giving worm tablets, cleaning and treating ears, and applying eye medications. Registered Veterinary Nurses can also inject certain repeat medications (second vaccinations in a course, allergy vaccines and certain anti-arthritis drugs).

We also have other veterinary clinics we can offer you and your pet – learn more.

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