Senior Clinics for Garston Pets

Our pets age more quickly than us and are generally classed as senior from the age of 8 years old, or 6 years for some giant breed dogs.  The ageing process unfortunately comes with an increased occurrence of certain health conditions, mobility issues, sensory loss, and potentially degeneration in cognitive function.

Once our pets reach their older years routine check-ups become advantageous as your veterinary team may be able to detect subtle changes in your pet’s health and take steps to intervene before they become more serious.

We are now delighted to be offering our Senior Clinics, led by our consulting team of Registered Veterinary Nurses. These are recommended ahead of your pet’s annual booster and health check so that any pertinent results can then be discussed with the vet at that appointment. The clinics are designed to allow our nurses to assess and discuss aspects of senior health that may aid your pet’s quality of life. Certain clinical parameters will also be evaluated as routine, with all results being added to your pet’s health records. This will allow us to monitor their wellbeing more closely through to their geriatric years. In order for our team to fully support your pet through its senior years, we would recommend a routine annual appointment at our Senior Clinics.

These clinics will initially be offered at an introductory price of £39.00 (normal price £45.50) for a 60-minute consultation.

Why not take a look at our questionnaire to see if your pet would benefit from a Senior Clinic appointment?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions that we have asked in the survey then we would recommend booking a Senior Clinic nurse consultation for your pet.

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What to expect from my Senior Clinic appointment 

Your senior clinic will be scheduled sometime before your pet’s annual booster appointment.  You will be sent a copy of the questionnaire to complete before you bring your pet to see the nurse, and you will also be able to collect all the necessary equipment to collect a fresh urine sample from your pet the morning of your appointment.

During the one hour appointment, the nurse will perform a head to tail examination of your pet checking their eyes, ears, teeth, skin and coat, recording any lumps found or changes to existing lumps. Nails & claws will be checked and clipped if required, and anal glands will be expressed if needed.  The nurse will also assess weight, body condition and levels of muscling, as well as heart & respiratory rates. Your pet’s blood pressure will also be measured using appropriate equipment. Any points arising from your completed questionnaire will be discussed with you, and you will also have the opportunity to chat about any changes you may have noticed in your pet’s behaviour as they have got older.

All of the above findings, along with results from testing your animal’s urine, will be recorded and available for the vet to see before your pet’s annual booster appointment. The vet will be able to discuss any relevant issues or treatments with you at that time.

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