Preventative healthcare for pets at Garston Vets

The saying ‘prevention is always better than cure‘ applies to veterinary medicine as much as it does to human health.

At Garston Vets we take the responsibility of advising and providing you with the best care to prevent ill-health in your pets very seriously.

Although there are measures we believe should be applied across all animals, we also recognise many aspects of preventative healthcare can be tailored to an individual pet’s circumstances.


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Preventative healthcare measures at Garston Vets…

Vaccinations & Boosters

Vaccinations and annual boosters will give your pet optimum protection against potentially life-threatening diseases such as parvovirus in dogs, feline leukaemia in cats, and Rabbit VHD.

Flea, Tick & Worm Protection

Fleas, ticks & worms can cause irritation, ill health and can act as vectors in the spread of disease. For the best flea, tick & worm advice and treatment, please speak to a member of our team to find out which products may be best for your pet. Alternatively you may want to join our Wellness Plan and let us provide you with the ideal combination of parasite control medications over a 12 month period.

Health Checks

Regular check-ups with a vet or nurse can help to identify any health issues that may need attention sooner rather than later. Early intervention can have a significant impact on the prognosis and recovery time for many conditions. Book a health check today.


As well as being key in helping to control the growing population of unwanted pets, neutering comes with many potential health and behavioural benefits. Find out more about neutering your pet.

Dental Care

At Garston Vets, we believe teeth and gum care should be part of your pet’s regular preventative healthcare routine. Our team can show you how to care for your pet’s teeth at home and provide professional dental treatments when it’s needed. Find out more about our dentistry services for pets.


Microchipping is a quick and harmless procedure, and one of the best ways of ensuring you can be always be contacted if your pet goes missing or anything untoward happens to them. Learn more about Microchipping for dogs and cats.

Nail Clipping

Some owners and even pets are skilled at keeping their growing nails in-check, but from time to time you may need a little help. Book a nail clip appointment with our friendly nursing team.

Join our Wellness Plan and save on preventative health

Vaccinations, health checks, flea & worm protection, microchipping, and nail clipping are all included services in our Wellness Plans. We also offer discounts on neutering, dentistry and many other items. Spread the cost of a year of premium preventative healthcare over 12 monthly payments.


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