Out of hours emergency pet care for Somerset & Wiltshire

As a client of Garston Vets you can feel confident that we are always available to deal with any pet emergency that may arise, day or night.

If you feel you have an emergency out of hours 

CALL 01373 452225


Pet poisons

Worried your pet may have consumed or come into contact with a harmful substance?

See our Pet Poisons Guide


About our emergency service

We are one of the few practices in Somerset & Wiltshire that operate our own out of hours emergency service on-site at our accredited small animal hospital at Garston House in Frome.

Our surgery at Frome is staffed  24 hours a day, 7 days a week, looking after hospitalised patients or those requiring post-operative observational care – your pets are never left alone.

It is the same cohesive team of vets and nurses that look after your animals out-of-hours as you will meet during the day at any of our practices.

Our computerised patient records from all our surgeries are securely linked via internet servers, so we have access to all your pets clinical records whatever time of the day.

Note: Many practices do not run their own out of hours service, but use dedicated external providers, which can be based some distance from your home and may not provide the benefits listed above.

Out of hours veterinary fees

Please bear in mind, out of hours veterinary services do have their additional costs, but we are always happy to make sure you are aware of these, and try our best to keep these as affordable as possible.