Approved Weight Management Centres for Pets

Garston Vets in Frome, Melksham, Trowbridge, Warminster, and Westbury have been named by ROYAL CANIN® as Approved Weight Management Centres as part of a national Weight Management Programme.

Our practices received ‘Centre of Excellence’ status for their management of overweight or obese cats and dogs and the work they do to educate owners on keeping their pets at a healthy weight throughout life.

To gain approved centre status, we were required to establish formal Weight Management Clinics and work as a team to identify and help pets with weight concerns.

To book a pet weight management clinic, call a Garston Vets surgery to make an appointment.

The initial weight clinic is a 30-minute appointment with a trained weight management nurse, followed by ongoing monitoring weight checks, personalised advice, and even telephone support.


Preventing obesity in pets is the key

Our nurses also educate owners about obesity prevention during new puppy and kitten clinics and discuss how to feed their pets when it’s time for neutering.

We do our best to ensure owners are aware of all the health risks of excessive weight gain in their pets from the outset.