Wellness Plans for Cats & Dogs

The Garston Vets Wellness Plans are designed to provide all your pet’s preventative healthcare needs for twelve months at a time.

Each membership allows you to spread the cost of your pet’s annual vaccinations, parasite control and other healthcare needs over twelve affordable monthly payments.

There are many other benefits & financial discounts to enjoy as inclusions within the plans.

Our Premium Wellness Plan even covers an UNLIMITED NUMBER OF VET CONSULTS.

Wellness Plan Prices…

Wellness Plan – Premium
Ultimate peace of mind
Monthly cost
Cat and Dog (all weights)
Wellness Plan – Essentials Monthly cost
Cat £16.00
Small Dog (Under 10kg) £17.00
Medium Dog (10.1 – 25kg) £18.00
Large Dog (25.1 – 40kg) £19.50
Ex-Large Dog (40.1 – 60kg) £23.00
Giant Dog (60.1kg+) £26.00


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Why choose our Wellness Plans…

At Garston Vets we firmly believe in giving you the peace of mind of being able to provide the best possible healthcare for your pet at outstanding value. Our Premium Wellness Plan includes unlimited consultations with both vets & nurses.

All our Wellness Plans have been specifically designed so that your pet can receive bespoke preventative healthcare all year round with the cost to you spread over monthly payments. The plans incorporate annual vaccinations, anti-parasite medications, and a whole range of additional inclusions & savings to allow your pet to remain in tip-top shape.

Our team will work with you to ensure every aspect of your pet’s healthcare is appropriate and tailored to their age & lifestyle.

At Garston Vets we know our Wellness Plans provide exceptional cover as they also include tick prevention – an ever-increasing problem in rural areas.

To budget with confidence whilst providing optimal veterinary care for your pet, sign up to a 12-month payment plan and start enjoying the many benefits right away.

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Wellness Plan inclusions…

Premium Plan Essential Plan
Discounted Out of Hours Fees #
One annual health check with vet
Complete puppy or kitten vaccination courses
Annual booster vaccinations
Flea treatments *
Worm treatments
Lungworm protection *
Tick prevention to protect your pet over the tick season
# All consultation fees are included in the plan and will be discounted off the total cost of any emergency appointments outside of normal business hours.
* Prescription medications only available under veterinary care

Additional free BENEFITS…

Periodic nurse wellness checks
Unlimited nail clips with the nurse
Unlimited anal glad emptying with the nurse
Microchip implantation & registration
Direct access to our Wellness Plan Team through PetsApp

Further potential SAVINGS…

50% off kennel cough vaccination
50% off puppy clinic attendance
50% off senior clinics
20% off all clinical diets
20% off dental surgery
15% off all life-stage diets
10% off neutering
10% off all waiting room products
10% off rabies vaccination


Our Wellness Plan is designed to take care of all your pet’s preventative healthcare needs whilst allowing you to spread the annual cost into twelve affordable monthly payments. The plan also lets you save further money on numerous additional services and products.

Please note, our Wellness Plan is not a pet insurance policy. We would recommend that you also consider insuring your pet against accident and illness.


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Full Terms and Conditions…

Full terms and conditions for members signed up to our Wellness Plan on or after 1st November 2023.

Terms & Conditions

Full terms and conditions for members signed up to our Wellness Plan before 1st November 2023.

Dog Wellness Plan – Essentials   Terms & Conditions

Dog Wellness Plan – Premium   Terms & Conditions

Cat Wellness Plan – Essentials   Terms & Conditions

Cat Wellness Plan – Premium   Terms & Conditions