Garston Vets are ‘Bee-Friendly’

June 21, 2021


We think that it would be fair to say that bees are probably not the species at the forefront of most people’s mind, however there is no denying their vital importance to our ecosystems and for that reason vets really ought to care about them too. The recent decline in worldwide bee populations, mainly due to parasitic disease, loss of habitat and the use of pesticides, has had a serious impact on biodiversity and food production. According to the British Bee Veterinary Association (BBVA) one third of the food we eat requires pollination, which makes our buzzy bee friends all the more important!

BBVA launched the ‘Bee-Friendly Practice’ scheme in order to support veterinary practices across the UK in becoming more ‘bee-friendly’. Inspired by the scheme, Garston’s Green Team set to work improving the practice gardens on a sunny morning in May. The BBVA posted out some excellent starter kits, which we supplemented with various seeds and cuttings from our own gardens as well and some more substantial plants from the local garden centre. Keeping pollinators in mind, we also managed to incorporate edible herbs for our small furry inpatients and some lovely colourful flowers to brighten up our outdoor lunch spots. We even managed to recruit some (willing) staff children to create some bug hotels out of old logs, bricks and bamboo canes.

We would like to encourage our clients to consider making their gardens, pots or window boxes more bee-friendly this summer. As well as supporting our pollinating populations, flowers and plants brighten our own environments and enrich our sense of wellbeing. Together we could make a real difference, for very little effort. We hope you enjoy seeing some of our newly planted tubs next time you visit the practice – please be assured they are all child and pet-friendly.