Garston Vets is an accredited Cat Friendly practice

At Garston Vets, we understand how different the needs of our feline patients are to those of dogs. From getting in the car to being in a new environment with different sights, sounds, smells, and people, a visit to the vets can be somewhat stressful for the majority of cats. That is why we have put special measures in place that has allowed us to achieve the status of Cat Friendly Clinic from the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM) – the veterinary division of the worldwide feline charity iCatCare.


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Cat-friendly appointments

Most cats are very happy in our spacious waiting rooms, however, to support nervous cats we offer designated cat-friendly appointment times at all our surgeries, on the following days of the week:

Our cat-only appointment times include veterinary consultations and nurse appointments, and keeping our waiting areas dog-free reduces potential stresses for cats and owners (Note: if we do have any dog emergency cases during these times we will let you know on arrival). Visit our team page to see which staff members are specially trained Cat Advocates too!


Cat-friendly services

Our many veterinary services for cats include important annual feline vaccinations and a health check with the vet, comprehensive parasite protection for cats to help keep fleas, worms & ticks at bay, and nurse clinics for weight & diet, dental care, and feline diabetes. Your cat could also benefit from our Cat Wellness Plan – find out more.

Our surgeries where we admit animals for the day to perform operations, or to hospitalise them overnight, all have separate heated catteries situated a long way away from our kennel rooms for dogs. That really adds to being cat friendly!


Top tips for how to get your cat into a basket

Read our team’s advice on how you can help your cat remain calm for a trip to the vets:

  • Get your cat accustomed to their carrier or basket – keep it out at home as part of the furniture for them to sleep in, and you can even feed your cat inside.
  • Use a top-opening carrier for lifting your cat in and out more easily.
  • Cover the top with a blanket to help hide new sights, sounds, and smells.
  • Handle your cat’s carrier gently, secure it well within your car, and drive carefully.
  • Use a pheromone spray or keep a piece of clothing or material from home that smells familiar inside the carrier.
  • On arrival move to a corner of the waiting room and keep your cat carrier off the floor – we have supplied special cat shelving in our waiting areas for this purpose. If you prefer you can always let us know you have arrived, and then wait in your car with your cat until your appointment time.