Ultrasound diagnostics

Garston Vets’ facilities include modern ultrasound machines for the safe examination of an animal’s body cavities and internal organs.

Ultrasound is most commonly used to examine an animal’s heart (echocardiography), assess the abdominal contents for pathological change, look for stones in bladders, and as an accurate means of pregnancy diagnosis.


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Ultrasound examinations at Garston Vets

How does ultrasound work?

Ultrasound uses sound waves to create black & white images on a digital screen. This is a completely safe and non-invasive way to examine the soft tissues of your pet in more detail. Ultrasound findings are available immediately, which can help a speedy diagnosis.

Do ultrasound examinations require other drugs?

Ultrasound scans do not usually require a general anaesthetic, but we often use light sedation techniques to keep your animal calm and still for the procedure – better images are obtained in this way.

Ultrasound equipment can however also be used to assist in the taking of accurate needle aspirates and biopsies, in which case an anaesthetic may be recommended.

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Help alleviate the financial stress of unexpected diagnostics and treatment

Ultrasound and other diagnostic tools enable our vets to accurately diagnose illnesses quickly, which can be crucial for the recovery of your pet. For this reason, we strongly recommend taking out Pet Insurance to help you cover the cost (always read your policy terms & conditions) of unexpected veterinary treatment.