On-site laboratory: quicker diagnostics for common pet health concerns

The on-site laboratory services available at our Garston Vets surgeries are used to diagnose a range of diseases that might not otherwise be easily identified.

Laboratory facilities are an excellent aid for our experienced vets to help pinpoint health conditions and may reduce the need for more invasive techniques.

The in-house laboratory equipment at Garston Vets includes biochemistry and haematology machines. These are used to analyse blood samples to measure numbers of cell types present, levels of certain enzymes and other substances, and in doing so help make a more accurate diagnosis for a pet’s condition.


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Specialist laboratory testing services

When a case requires more specialised tests, we utilise a trusted external laboratory service that we send samples by courier on a daily basis.

This means we can get the results back to you as quickly as possible, often by the very next day. Our vets will then contact you about the results so that the appropriate treatments can start as soon as possible.


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