Digital X-ray facilities

At Garston Vets in Frome, Trowbridge and Warminster we have modern digital x-ray machines for high quality radiographic examinations.

X-ray imaging is most commonly used to assess bony changes within the skeleton, to look for radio dense foreign bodies and stones within the body, and to view the presence of abnormal shapes and sizes of organs that may reflect a disease process.


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Digital x-ray machines for easier referrals

One of the key advantages of using digital rather than traditional x-ray is the ability to share x-ray data over the internet by email. This means our vets can refer x-ray images quickly within our practices, as well as externally for specialist opinions.


Help alleviate the financial stress of unexpected treatment

X-rays and other diagnostic tools enable our vets to diagnose and treat injuries and illnesses quickly, which can be crucial to the recovery of your pet. For this reason, we strongly recommend taking out Pet Insurance to help you cover the cost (always read your policy terms & conditions) of unexpected veterinary treatment.