Garston Vets celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

May 7, 2022


Queen Elizabeth is now the longest-ruling monarch in all of British history. It’s no mystery that she is a huge animal lover and has been very fond of Corgis since she was a small child, having fallen in love with the Corgis owned by the children of the Marquess of Bath. King George VI brought home Dookie in 1933. Elizabeth II’s mother, at that time Queen Elizabeth, introduced a disciplined regimen for the dogs; each Corgis meal was served in its own dish, the diet approved by veterinary experts with no titbits from the royal table. The Queen has owned over thirty corgis since her accession in 1952 and the word ‘Corgi’ means ‘dwarf’ dog. Corgis are said to be ‘enchanted’ dogs, they have a fairy saddle and they were believed to be used by the Vikings as companions.

To celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, we have created a waiting room display in each surgery, filled with photos and information about Her Majesty The Queen’s pets and horses. We also have a fun selection of royal themed merchandise available to purchase, including Union Jack dog bones, squeaky soldiers and royal beds. Prices start from as low as £3.23. Don’t forget that all Garston Wellness Plan members receive 10% off all waiting room merchandise and products, including our Jubilee range.

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee surgery opening hours

Wednesday 1st June – Normal opening hours

Thursday 2nd June – Emergency team

Friday 3rd June – Emergency Team

Saturday 4th June – Normal opening hours

Sunday 5th June – Emergency team

Monday 6th June – Normal opening hours

Please remember to place food and repeat prescription orders by Monday 30th May 2022

Jubilee bank holiday emergency team

As a client of Garston Vets you can feel confident that we are always available to deal with any pet emergency that may arise, day or night, including Easter and Christmas.

We are one of the very few practices in Somerset & Wiltshire that operate our own out of hours emergency service on-site at our accredited small animal hospital at Garston House in Frome.

Our hospital is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, looking after sick and injured patients or those requiring post-operative observational care – your pets are never left alone. It is the same cohesive team of vets and nurses that look after your animals out-of-hours as you will meet during the day at any of our practices. Our computerised patient records from all our surgeries are securely linked via internet servers, so we have access to all your pets clinical records whatever time of the day.

If you have a pet emergency please call us on 01373 452225