Booking an early bird holiday? Get prepared with our dog travel tips

December 7, 2023


Are you planning on starting 2024 with a holiday? If so, good on you! If you plan to take your dog with you, then read on for our top tips on how to plan for your holiday.

Not taking your dog on holiday with you? No problem – download our list of questions to ask kennels whilst you research your dog’s temporary accommodation.

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Deciding on your destination

You need to make sure your chosen destination and accommodation have plenty of dog-friendly spaces and activities to keep them happy. Popular staycation holiday choices in the UK are log cabins or pet-friendly cottages. Some areas will only allow dogs on the beach during certain months so researching ahead will help you plan your holiday. This research can also help you work out whether your dog could need extra training or socialisation ahead of your trip.

Transport options

If you are planning on travelling abroad, it is essential that you start planning your pet’s travel arrangements as early as possible. There will be animal health certificates and often vaccines and other health checks that need to be completed ahead of your holiday. These will be affected by time limits – learn more about pet travel.

If you are planning a staycation in the UK, make sure your chosen transport is suitable for your dog and the holiday you’ve chosen. More remote destinations will need car transport, which could be an issue if your dog becomes car sick. Trains and ferries may be a necessary part of the journey to your holiday destination – how would your dog cope with these?

Protect your pet

Before you leave for your holiday, ensure you have researched local vets near your destination just in case your dog requires veterinary treatment whilst away. You also need to make sure your pet’s microchip and collar ID tag have the most up-to-date contact details recorded. If you become separated whilst away, it is essential that a veterinary professional/animal shelter can get hold of you.

If you are holidaying abroad, keep your dog’s vaccine certificates, clinical history, and their animal health certificates to hand. To request a copy of your dog’s clinical history, contact our reception team.

It’s also worth checking that your pet insurance policy covers your dog for unexpected veterinary expenses, in case emergency veterinary treatment is needed, also if going abroad.

Essentials to pack for your dog

Remember to pack your dog’s food, treats, feed/water bowls, medication, collar, lead and harness, toys, bedding, grooming equipment, shampoo (For the dogs who like to get muddy) and poo bags. Their bed and blankets will help them feel comfortable and secure in their new surroundings.Did you know that you can also buy PitPat GPS trackers, which has coverage across the UK and some other countries.

By carefully planning and preparing for your early bird holiday with your dog, you’ll be able to create wonderful memories together while ensuring their safety, health, and happiness throughout the trip. Contact us on 01373 452225 if you have any questions about taking your dog on holiday and need some veterinary advice.

Alternatively, if you’re not taking your pet on holiday with you,

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