Our receptionist's play a key role in ensuring that the practice runs smoothly. They are usually the first people that you will speak too, either on the telephone or when visiting the surgery.

We pride ourselves that all our receptionists are professionally trained to a very high standard to help guide you through your animals care. However, whilst clinical knowledge is important we equally recognize the importance of empathy and support towards you and your pet.

In this day and age many businesses loose sight of personal customer service, but at Garston Veterinary Group we strongly feel that your experience with us should be a positive one and you should feel valued.

Such is our commitment to this, we ask that if for any reason your experience with us falls short in any way then please contact us and we will investigate the matter for you. This way we can continually strive to offer the best service possible. 



"To the wonderful staff at Garston. Your compassion, kindness and consideration shown to us will never be forgotten. Many thanks" Roy & Sharon Malton

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