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Garston Veterinary Group has been serving the local farming community for over 100 years. The practice was started by Kingdon Stephens with the help of his father who was a wealthy London businessman. The practice was originally located on North Parade in Frome but moved to the current Garston House location in 1921. Kingdon Stephens ran the practice primarily as a general practice but as can be seen from the pictures much of the work was based around the valuable working horses. I suppose he was nearer to the tractor repair man of today ! The pictures show the very first practice daybook from June 1911 together with the first calls he ever carried out. I suspect he would never have imagined how the practice would develop over the coming years.

The war years saw his two sons Trevor and Arthur succeed him in the practice who were then joined by additional partners in the business in the 1960's and 70's. One of the more unusual tasks at that time was taking on the work at the brand new safari park at Longleat. Since then the farm unit has become a separate part of the practice as the work has increased until we reach today with 6 vets involved in farm work at the practice. For more detailed information on the practice we have written a 'History of Garston Veterinary Group' which provides details of veterinary practice in the Frome area. It can be viewed below and our thanks go to Michael Thorp for his extensive contribution.

In 2018 the Garston Veterinary Museum was relocated to Frome Museum where it can be appreciated by a wider audience as well as being properly catalogued and available on the Internet. For more details of Frome Museum visit the Frome Museum website

We are also delighted that Lorraine Johnson has written a book about the practice after extensive research. We are very proud of our history and the importance of the practice to the local community. The book pictured here can be purchased at Frome Museum, Hunting Raven bookshop in Frome or from our own Frome surgery reception. It makes for fascinating reading about the pracice and the local area.



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