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Our ambulatory vets provide a wide range of services with excellent portable equipment enabling us to offer you a high quality veterinary service at the convenience of your own yard.


​We routinely vaccinate against some potentially life threatening diseases including equine influenza (flu) and tetanus. For further information on which horses to vaccinate, when to vaccinate, and competition requirements please click the link below.:

More information on vaccinations

Pre-purchase examination/Vettings

We provide both 2 stage and 5 stage vettings to help you determine whether a potential new horse or pony is suitable for the use you wish to buy it for. We will happily perform vettings for current clients of ours, or for non-registered clients looking at a potential new horse within our catchment area. For more information on what a vetting entails please see the BEVA/RCVS guidelines here: http://www.beva.org.uk/_uploads/documents/1ppe-guidance-notes.pdf


All of our equine vets have attended further education courses on equine dentistry and pride themselves on providing a modern, clinical approach to both preventing and treating dental disease. We have both manual and motorised tools and choose our tools carefully according to the horse’s requirements.

Mobile diagnostics

We have a full range of portable equipment including a digital x-ray machine, endoscope and two ultrasound scanners enabling us to investigate both lameness and medical problems at the comfort of your own yard.

24 hour emergency services

One of our vets is ‘on call’ 24 hours a day, every day of the year, ensuring that a Garston vet is available whenever you require them.


We offer breeding packages for artificial insemination with both fresh and frozen semen. We can also investigate mare infertility and come out to your newborn foals to give them a general health check and measure their absorption of colostrum to ensure they have the best start in life.

Passports and Microchipping

New regulations in 2005 require all horses/ponies to have a passport and since 2009 any horse/pony applying for a passport must also be microchipped. Please ensure that you have the horse’s passport with you whenever the vet visits so they can record any medication the horse receives..

Export Certification & Riding School Inspections

Imprint shoeing

Three of our equine vets are qualified to fit “imprint” mouldable plastic shoes. These are especially useful for treating horses with laminitis when their feet are too painful to nail in steel shoes and yet still require support for their hooves. These shoes may also be used to help support hooves with poor hoof wall condition, cracks and thin soles, as well as for performance horses.

In house laboratory

We can process many samples 'in house' including haematology and biochemistry blood samples so that if your horse gets ill we can get many results back on that same day.

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