As well as regular printed newsletters we also email out an eNewsletter to anyone who would like to receive it. It provides information on what is happening at the practice as well as all the latest developments in veterinary medicine and surgery that can help you keep your animals in tip top condition. You can download our latest eNewsletters below.

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Our latest Newsletter is available for download using the link below. Our earlier newsletters are also available. For Farm Animal and Equine newsletters please visit their areas on the website.

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Our Newsletter is designed for use by clients and prospective clients of Garston Veterinary Group. Any advice given is in good faith and no responsibility can be accepted by the partners of Garston Veterinary Group for any injury or loss incurred. On all occasions we recommend you discuss specific problems with a vet or a member of the nursing staff. Full terms of business are available from the practice. Your name and email address will never be disclosed to a third party and by subscribing you consent to us sending you messages about the practice and the services we offer. You can unsubscribe at any time using the link above or in any of the messages we send you.



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