Vaccination update 13th April 2020

Dear clients,

Garston Veterinary Group has been strictly following all guidance issued by both the Government and the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeon's since the start of the Covid-19 crisis. We will continue to do so and promise to keep our clients fully informed of all the changes that any updates bring. As a result of new advice being issued at the end of last week, you may start to notice UK veterinary practices beginning to offer services that the profession was initially told to put on hold. As it becomes more evident that the 'lockdown' restrictions to our daily lives might continue for some time, it has been recognised we have to correctly address the balance between protecting human health interests whilst also preventing disease in pet animals that live with us. These concerns relate to both human and animal welfare issues.

For this reason, from this week we will start to once again offer standard vaccinations for young animals in order to maintain immunity amongst our local pet population. Puppies can be vaccinated from 6-8 weeks of age and kittens from 8-9 weeks. Both will require a second dose 3-4 weeks later as a routine. One year old dogs & cats that are due to receive their first annual booster vaccinations are also considered more vulnerable, and we will also be offering to see these in order to ensure they have adequate immunity heading in to adulthood.

Please ring the surgery on 01373 452225 during daytime hours (8am - 6pm) if you would like to book an appointment. We can however only offer these services at our Garston House surgery in Frome. You can rest assure we will be following the strict social distancing and biosecurity measures we already have in place. We are asking you to phone the practice number on arrival at the surgery at your allocated time, and we will come to collect your animal from the carpark.

Payments are to be made over the phone or through our website, and if you want to start your new pet on our Wellness Plan, with the additional savings that it provides, then this can also be arranged. At this time we will otherwise be continuing our current level of service providing veterinary care for your unwell pets and emergency cases only. We refer you to our recent advice regarding booster vaccinations in adult pets, although this is also likely to be revised at some point. We will not as yet be offering routine surgical or dental procedures in order to minimise non-essential visits to the surgery.

There has also been a countrywide request not to unnecessarily deplete medical oxygen supplies that may be required for human hospital usage. Once again we thank you for your ongoing understanding and we will update you further with any changes that circumstances allow.

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