Small Animal Covid Update August 2020

Businesses all over the country have eased away from full lockdown and are finding a 'new normal' approach to daily working. It has been no easy task to establish methods of seeing patients as required, whilst keeping both clients and our members of staff as safe as possible from the risks of spreading Coronavirus. Data would suggest that our region has had a low incidence of the virus compared to many areas of the UK, but we cannot be complacent. Keeping our surgeries staffed and open to treat all the pets that need us is our aim. As other countries struggle with keeping the number of new Covid cases at a low level, the need to maintain safe practices remains. We thank you for all the positive comments we have received in regards to our approach to keeping everyone healthy.


Visiting our clinics ...

  • Please pre-arrange all appointments over the phone.
  • If you are unwell or waiting for the results of a Covid-19 test then please do not visit the surgery and arrange for someone else to bring your animal to us.
  • When you arrive you will either be greeted by a staff member, or we ask you to ring the surgery door bell for assistance.
  • Please keep a safe distance from our staff members at all times. We are currently not allowing people other than employees to enter our buildings - virus transmission rates increase dramatically when sharing an enclosed air space.
  • Please leave your animal in your car initially, and make sure you have a suitable collar/harness & lead for your dog, or a reliable sturdy carrier for your cat.
  • The veterinary surgeon or nurse will come and meet you outside, discuss the case whilst socially distancing in fresh air, and then take your animal indoors to be examined and treated as necessary. 
  • Both vets and nurses will wear clean gloves for every patient.
  • If you do not have a car to wait in, please be prepared for the rain if it's one of those days!

Vaccinations ...

We are now able to offer all routine vaccinations, although we are still catching up on some that were due their boosters towards the end of lockdown. Vaccine appointments may not be available on the exact day you ask for.


Wellness Plan ...

We are seeing all Wellness Plan pets for their annual vaccinations and are happy to organise nail clips, anal gland emptying and dental checks for those patients that require them. We are unable to see animals for routine Wellness checks as all our nurses are being kept more than busy handling animals for consultations and operations. A nurse will however be available to ring you to discuss any Wellness related issues remotely over the phone.

Anti-parasite medications can be ordered and collected from all our surgeries.


24 hour service ...

Our emergency team is available overnight, and at weekends after 4pm on a Saturday, to deal with any concerns you may have from our Frome surgery.

Online Appointment Booking


Wellness Plans

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