Pet insurance information for Garston clients during COVID-19 restrictions

To help you during this difficult time with the outbreak of COVID-19 we have put together some FAQ for new and ongoing small animal insurance claims. As all insurance companies have different circumstances and processes, please contact your insurance companies website for information relevant to you.

We have been advised by some insurance companies that you will not only be able to process your own claim with a paid invoice, but you will be able to track the progress of any pending claim using the online claims tracker. Where possible please submit any claims digitally by following the instructions below.

Claims for Ongoing Conditions or Repeat Medication

If you need to make a repeat medication or an ongoing treatment claim and you are insured with More Than, John Lewis, Tesco or Argos, you can do so online at;

Petplan insurance claims are now filed online at


If you are insured with any other pet insurance companies please visit their website, download a claim form, complete your section of the form and post to the following address:

Small Animal Insurance Claim Form
Garston Veterinary Group
Garston House
BA11 1PZ


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