COVID-19 Information for equine clients

The Equine department will be running an emergency service and will also be offering a telemedicine service for less urgent cases.

We would like to inform you of a few changes to the usual arrangements for drug ordering and collection due to the COVID-19 restrictions

Can all drug orders be made over the phone to reception, and if required the same day, before 4pm. This will allow reception to get them ready for collection.

At present we are operating only from our Frome surgery and so collection from the other branches is temporarily unavailable.

For FROME collections the dispensing will be placed in labelled boxes (Farm Clients and Equine Clients) and on the wooden shelving racks in the new white building with Garston signage on the far side of the car park.
When you arrive at the Frome practice please phone the reception who will remotely open the door allowing you to access the dispensing. You will need to collect drugs WITHIN working hours (8.30am-5.30pm) as at other times the door to this building will be closed.
Any drugs or vaccines requiring Fridge storage will still be kept in the main building fridge. When you arrive to collect them please phone reception and who will bring them out to you.

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