Laparoscopic Bitch Spay

The spaying, or neutering, of your female dog has two important benefits. Firstly, it prevents the bitch from being able to have unwanted puppies, there are no seasons to deal with and a spayed bitch is far less likely to suffer from life threatening conditions, such as mammary (breast) cancer and infections of the womb (pyometra), as they grow older. Yours bitch can generally expect to lead a longer and happier life.

        How have bitches been spayed traditionally?

        The traditional spay involves a fairly large incision into the abdominal wall - larger incisions are generally more painful than smaller ones ans there is more likelihood of post-operative wound complications. The ovaries must be pulled away from their attachments on the body wall so that the surgeon can see to tie off the vessels. The ovaries and the entire uterus are removed - this process is known as an 'ovariohysterectomy'. This extra handling of the tissues involved in tearing of the ovarian attachments can be a major source of pain after the surgery and prolong the recovery time. This is the main reason dogs spayed laparoscopically have a shorter and less painful post-operative period.

        How is a laparoscopic spay performed?

        This type of surgery is known as 'keyhole' surgery, because the procedure is performed through very small incisions in the body wall. An endoscope with a camera attached and various instruments are passed into the abdomen through the small incision. Using the camera, the surgeon is easily able to view the images on a TV monitor - which shows a clear and magnified view. This, compared with the traditional way of operating inside a patient's abdomen, is becoming more favoured by many owners of female dogs - this process is known as an 'ovariectomy'.

        What are the advantages of laparoscopic spays?

        • Smaller surgical wounds.
        • Less post-operative pain.
        • Faster recovery and healing time.
        • Less risk of post-operative complications.

        Why choose Garston Veterinary Group for laparoscopic spay?

        • Laparoscopic spays are performed at our trowbridge and Frome surgeries 4 days a week.
        • Surgery can be performed from 16 weeks of age (before the first season).
        • Garston Veterinary Group are able to offer this service to dogs as small as 2kg.
        • A simple booking system with a dedicated veterinary nurse.
        • Free pre-operative health check with a veterinary surgeon.
        • On the day of surgery your dog will experience one to one care from our dedicated team.
        • You will be met by our admission nurse for a 10 minute appointment. During this time the nurse will recheck your pet's health and confirm that she is fit for surgery.Our kennel nurse will care for her until the moment that she goes to theatre, they will also be with her throughout her recovery after the surgery and provide her with food, water and the opportunity to stretch her legs in our enclosed garden. There are 4 members of our theatre team, which include prep nurse, anesthetist, scrub nurse and veterinary surgeon.
        • I/V fluids to maintain blood pressure and hydration.
        • Tailored pain relief protocol and individual patient pain score.
        • State of the art equipment will monitor your pet and regulate her core body temperature during and after surgery.
        • 2 free post-operative checks with the nurse.
        • If you are not a Garston client, your vet will be sent an email to update them on your chosen method of neutering.
        Laparoscopic spays at Garston Veterinary Group

        Cost for the laparoscopic spay includes

        • Pre-op check with the vet
        • IV fluids
        • Postoperative pain relief
        • Buster collar
        • 2 postoperative appointments with a veterinary nurse
        Pet Standard Charge Wellness Plan Price
        Small Dog
        less than 10kg
        £435 £391.50
        (saving £43.50)
        Medium Dog
        between 10kg & 25kg
        £455 £409.50
        (saving £45.50)
        Large Dog
        between 25kg & 40kg
        £490 £441.00
        (saving £49.00)
        Giant Dog
        over 40kg
        £515 £463.50
        (saving £51.50)

        For further information please contact reception

        Laparoscopic spays are are performed at our Frome and Trowbridge surgeries only.

        It doesn’t end there

        It is a common fact that dogs are more likely to gain weight after being neutered. That’s why, once your pet is neutered with us, they automatically join our nurse led, periodic, free weight check consults.

        As an approved Royal Canin Weight Management Centre, we are able to discuss body condition scoring with patients to identify their ideal bodyweight and provide individualised nutritional advice.

        We are happy to treat patients that are not registered with us but have consent from their own veterinary practice.

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