Healthy Feet Program

Garston Vets run a healthy feet program for our cattle clients in association with DairyCo.
The Healthy Feet Programme consists of 3 visits over roughly a 3 week period, the first two visits taking roughly 3 hours and the 3rd visit roughly an hour. These will take into consideration every aspect of lameness on your particular farm, including your current treatment protocols and foot trimming practices, cow tracks, milking routine, buildings and cubicles, the collecting yard and looking at lameness levels and records.
We will also work out the cost of lameness to your unit using a lameness calculator made using up to date research into the costs associated with lameness, not just the costs of treating it. As such the plan will be tailored to your cows. The program also involves one-on-one instruction on foot trimming.
This programme can be added on to your current Herd Health Plan, with many buyers now stipulating lameness prevention strategies being in place.

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