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The Farm Animal practice has been serving the local farming community for over 100 years, and during that time practice has changed a great deal. Our oldest farm client has been using the practice for 5 generations and our aim is to provide a modern day service whilst retaining the traditional values the practice has established.

Modern farm practice is all about prevention rather than cure. Herd Health Programmes are aimed at maintaining a healthy herd or flock rather than trying to treat problems as they occur. Individual animals obviously are still treated to help them recover to full production as well as safeguarding their welfare at all times. We still go out at 3.00am to calve cows and lamb ewes whatever the weather, and we pride ourselves in our personal service and rapid response that our clients have become used to. Some of the services the farm practice offers are HERE

As we are in a predominantly Dairy area a lot of our work involves the support of healthy and wholesome milk production. We are involved at all levels and scales of production and have set up herd health plans on most of our farms which includes a regular (monthly, fortnightly, weekly) routine visit. We are responsible for the care of around 12,000 dairy cows in a 15 mile radius of our base in Frome. To aid us in this service we provide a computerised bureau service for our clients (Interherd and Herd Companion) which is used to monitor the herd. This program also prompts action for individual cows.

We have a considerable number of organic clients which has enabled us to develop additional services to meet their requirements.

We have a large practice laboratory for 'in-house' analysis of samples as well as close links with the veterinary laboratory services at Langford as well as Axiom labs.
The surgery at Frome has outbuildings that are used for 'small' large animals that can be hospitalised for surgical and medical reasons.

Part of the role of modern veterinary practices is to provide a protected environment for young veterinary students to learn the practical aspects of the profession. The practice has been involved in this for many years and has received recognition as an excellent extra mural study centre. We now have students with us virtually all year round (including those from overseas) and we are grateful (as are the students) for all of the patience shown by our clients to enable us to do this.

Please contact our farm reception on 01373 451115 (same number out of hours)

To speak to our farm accounts office, please call 01373 300397 during 8.30am - 4pm


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