24 hour emergency service

If your much-loved pet is taken ill, needs post operative or just observational care they will never be on their own - They can stay with us and be looked after by a veterinary nurse - 24 hours a day.

Here at Garston Vets, you can feel confident that we are personally always close by to deal with an emergency that may arise day or night. We are one of the few practices in Somerset/Wiltshire that operate our own out of hours emergency service on site for our registered clients.

Many practices, these days do not run their own out of hours service, but use dedicated external providers, which can be based some distance from your home. Emergency veterinary services can be expensive whichever service is used, but these dedicated emergency providers can often be much more costly than private practices such as Garston.

The benefits of our out of hours service

  • We provide exceptional care at affordable prices
  • Our night team are on site to care for your pet every hour of the day and night.
  • All our staff are trained to the highest standards, ensuring your pets are treated with the respect and sympathy they deserve.
  • Well equipped premises with a full range of diagnostic facilities for our out of hours patients.
  • If more assistance is required further vets and nurses are available to attend the situation.

Treating your pet at the surgery is invaluable, as we have direct access to all our excellent facilities and most importantly, your animal's current medical records. At weekends our out of hours service is run from our Frome surgery, but during the week you may be asked to attend one of our other surgeries. All are local, making it quick and easy in getting your poorly pet to us for treatment.

Please bear in mind, out of hours emergency veterinary services are expensive to provide, though we do try our best to keep the costs low for registered clients. However, clients of other practices may find they are required to pay a premium for our out of hours attendance.

Should your pet fall ill when the surgery is closed, please call your usual surgery telephone number. If you would like further information, please do not hesitate to call reception during our normal opening hours.




“If it was not for the care that was given to my much loved cat following an RTA, he would not be with us today. Thanks again.” Mr and Mrs Eggleton




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