Is your dog or cat over 8 years old?

January 7, 2023


Senior Clinic Launch

We were very excited to launch our NEW Senior Clinic launch night on Wednesday 1st February at The View, Westbury. Just under 100 clients attended the evening, with Garston staff presentations on dentistry, arthritis and cognitive dysfunction.

We are now delighted to be offering our Senior Clinics, led by our Registered Veterinary Consult Nurses, which are recommended ahead of your pet’s annual booster so that the results can then be discussed with the vet during their annual health check. The clinics are designed not to find issues with your senior pet, but to allow us to assess, evaluate and improve the quality of our patient’s lives. All results will be recorded all your pet’s health records, which allows us to monitor their overall health and wellbeing through to their geriatric years. To allow our team to monitor and support our patients’ senior years, we recommend a routine visit to our Senior Clinic annually.

These clinics will initially be offered at an introductory price of £39.00 (normal price £45.50) for a 60-minute consultation.

Why not take a look at our questionnaire to see if your pet would benefit from a Senior Clinic Consultation?

If any of the questions that we have asked in the survey have been answered with a yes, then we would recommend booking a Senior Clinic Consultation for your pet.

Book a senior clinic appointment now by calling your local surgery or contacting us on PetsApp.