Get Andy’s list of new activities to do with your dog in 2023

December 7, 2022


New year brings new resolutions. One of those resolutions may be to try new things and get out more with your dog. In this article, our vet, Andy Woodward has identified the top 10 things to do with your dog in 2023.

9 things to do with your dog in 2023

  1. Visit a dog friendly beach in Somerset
  2. Try joining one of Charismatic Pets fun sports or activity classes
  3. Enjoy a fun, warm swim at a local hydrotherapy pool
  4. National Trust dog friendly walks and days out
  5. Enter the Battersea Muddy Dog Walk Challenge
  6. Take a walk (and quite possibly lunch) in The New Forest
  7. Try Paddleboarding together in Bradford on Avon
  8. Become a volunteer with Dogs for Health
  9. Book a long weekend break in a dog friendly cottage at one of the beautiful National Parks in the UK, like Andy and his Labrador Dave did.

There are many different activities and places to visit with your dog, some of them are completely free, while others may have a small fee.

Our vet Andy has chosen 9 activities that he thinks you might enjoy with your dog this year, including a link to a list of dog friendly beaches and hydrotherapy pools. Trying new challenges such as dog agility, paddle boarding or hoopers can really help stimulate your dog’s mind and body giving them new challenges from very energetic activities like agility through to the gentler activities such as hoopers or Scentwork training.

Just being in a new environment can have a huge impact not just physically but mentally also. Engaging their brain by introducing them to new activities and environments can have so many beneficial affects so why not make it a goal for 2023 to try new things.

Check your pet’s health

Before you do take on any new challenges however make sure your pet’s health is in good working order before pursuing an activity that may be difficult or put too much stress on them physically. Get in touch with our team to arrange a check-up.

If you have an older pet or one who struggles with strenuous activity then there are still ways to adapt the activities to suit them, whether it’s finding shorter easier walks or activities such as hoopers that are designed for those that struggle with impactful exercise.