Garston Proactive Farmers

Designed to work with proactive farmers who want to excel in their field, taking their business to the next level.

At Garston Veterinary Group we pride ourselves on helping to develop and maintain healthy and productive farms.

“Garston Proactive Farmers” offers a structured approach to preventative veterinary medicine. We will co-ordinate the calendar of healthcare bespoke to your farm in a timely manner.

Meeting the requirements of farm assurance whilst improving health and production, making your business more profitable.

It provides a framework for an interactive service between vet and farmer allowing a team approach to problem solving with an emphasis on disease prevention.

Strengths and weaknesses will be recognised to tailor the service to your individual farm.


Do you know if disease is affecting your herd? If so, can it be eradicated?

  • Work with us to create your disease surveillance and biosecurity plan
  • Bespoke young stock service including milk powder analysis, ID what pathogens are affecting your calves, medicine audit, protocols and more
  • Antibiotic review: how to reduce antibiotics used on your farm
  • Transition cow management including Elanco assessment tool and routine blood sampling
  • Johne’s risk assessment and control plan: in-line with the NJMP
  • Annual Herd Health Plan: to meet Red Tractor Farm Standards
  • Two interactive meetings per year with priority hospitality for proactive farmers
  • 25% off healthy feet programme


  • Software reporting including Johne’s results
  • Locomotion & BCS scoring with report and analysis


  • Milk quality
  • SCC and more


  • Annual Herd Health Plan: to meet Red Tractor Farm Standards. Identify targets and priorities
  • Antibiotic review: how to reduce and target the use of antibiotics
  • Bull MOT= fertility test, body condition score, locomotion assessment and infectious disease screen
  • Benchmarking: annual fertility parameters analysed against peers and reviewed as a group, perhaps the winner will show us what they are doing on a farm walk?!
  • Nutrition assessment tools
  • Bespoke worming programme
  • Discussion group: Programme of 3 interactive meetings per year with priority hospitality
  • Disease surveillance and management tailored to your herd


  • Annual flock health plan, data analysis and flock plan calendar
  • Antibiotic audit
  • Metabolic profiling pre-lambing to reduce the risk of lambing disease and nutritional deficiencies
  • Check barren ewes for toxoplasmosis and EAE
  • Discussion group: Programme of 2 interactive meetings per year with priority hospitality
  • Discounted vasectomies and ram fertility testing
  • Nutrition assessment tools

Additional Benefits

  • Soft shell Garston Proactive Farmers gilet on sign-up
  • Annual Frome Show family ticket
  • 15% off list price for all IAE products at
  • Read Agriservices Ltd
  • Branded ring binder to store your proactive reports
  • Discounted vaccinations
  • Each Proactive Farmer will be invited to our annual exclusive corporate day, which includes motorised and country sports, plus hospitality

Proactive Rewards:

Exclusive bi-monthly offers for Proactive Farmers!

Proactive Supporters:

We would like to thank the following companies for supporting Garston Proactive Farmers:


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Garston Proactive Farmers Application Form


Terms & Conditions

  1. You must be 16 years or over.
  2. The prices of the Garston Proactive Farmers Plan will be reviewed periodically. We shall write to you if there is any change to the prices under the scheme.
  3. You will be contacted by telephone or email to arrange dates and times of services.
  4. You may terminate this agreement at any time by giving not less than 28 days notice (we would prefer this in writing). We shall invoice you for any sums outstanding or provide a credit to your account within 30 days of your termination.
  5. We may terminate this agreement at any time for non-payment of any outstanding monies owed to us for longer than 60 days. After we terminate this agreement we shall invoice you for all sums outstanding on your account.
  6. The products and services supplied under the terms may vary from time to time as determined by current practice and legislation.
  7. Your details will be kept in accordance with the GDPR General Data Protection Regulations Data Protection Act 1998. We can only discuss your personal details with you or a named person specified by you.


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