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Advantages of Joining the Equiplan Scheme

We believe that careful monitoring of your horse by specialist equine vets can keep your horse at an optimum level of health and fitness.

Our Equiplan Schemes offer a high quality healthcare plan for your horse. The scheme allows your horse to benefit from the important and comprehensive routine preventative healthcare treatments.

We always try to ensure the vet of your choice carries out the examinations. This allows our vets to build up a positive relationship with you and your horse and offers you the reassurance of continuity of care. Following each visit you will receive a written report of our findings, a dental chart and copies of the results of your horses’ blood tests.

Clients opting for the Equiplan Gold Scheme also receive our specially tailored Worming Plan and worming products. At each of our twice yearly healthcare visits we will provide you with your horses’ wormers for the next 6 months. We carefully select and alternate the wormers we supply each year to minimise the risk of resistance developing. The scheme includes a worm egg count to ensure the effectiveness of your plan.

Included in Equiplan

£22 per Month

  • Annual vaccination against influenza and tetanus
  • 2 Routine teeth rasps with dental record chart
  • 2 Comprehensive veterinary health checks including lameness, heart, eyes and breathing
  • Written veterinary health check report
  • Annual blood sample to monitor health
  • Annual worm egg count
  • Worming plan for your horse
  • 5% Discount on all other equine professional fees from the practice

Included in Equiplan Gold

£28 per Month

All the benefits of Equiplan PLUS Worming Plan tailored to your individual horse and supply of all necessary worming products for the year.

If you would like more informastion about our Equiplan please telephone our equine reception on 01373 451115 or email