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Equine Vets

Our Equine vets have a wide range of experience in all matters equine and can help you manage and care for your horses, ponies and donkeys.

Neil Brimson

Neil is a partner and responsible for running the Equine Unit in the practice. He graduated from London in 1984. He is married to Claire who also works in the practice and has two teenage sons, Dan and Will. When not working he is usually to be found watching Bath play rugby, trying to stop the dogs escaping from his garden, or acting as unpaid groom for the family horse.

Kate Rapley

Kate joined the practice in 2004 having graduated from Liverpool Veterinary School. She enjoys all aspects of equine veterinary work with a particular interest in corrective shoeing and AI. In her spare time Kate rides her own horse in competitions or out on Salisbury Plain with her Border Collie running alongside.

Vicky Webster

Vicky joined the practice in 2008 after graduating from Bristol University Vet School. She is interested in all areas of equine practice, especially equine medicine. Her free time is spent exploring the countryside, either on horseback with her Dales ponies or walking her Labrador.

Jo Goliszek

Jo graduated from Bristol University in 2011. She spent 3 months providing veterinary treatment to working horses and donkeys in Egypt. Following this she completed a 12 month equine internship where she developed interests in sports horse medicine, pain management and ophthalmology (eyes). Jo has a keen interest in equine behaviour and has two young horses of her own who take up most of her spare time!