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Fact Sheets

We have a range of factsheets to help you with up to date information about your pets. Please use the links below:

Foreign travel information
Disease information for foreign travel

PETS scheme Information
PETS travel scheme information

Bitch Spay Information
Find out about having your bitch spayed

Arthritis Information
Find out about managing arthritis in your pets

Blood Donors
We have clients with animals that are prepared to act as blood donors to help in the treatment of others. Find out what is involved.

Dental Information
Information on routine dental care

Surgical Admission Information
Useful information in the event your pet has to come in for surgery.

Information on acupuncture available at the surgery.

Feline cystitis
Information on feline cystitis.

Prescription Policy
Information on our practice prescription policy.

(You will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer to open these documents)

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