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Farm Services

Our farm unit provides a range of services to our clients whether thay be large dairy units or small hobby farms. We pride ourselves on giving balanced practical advice and being a part of the team that can drive your business forward.

These include:

Dairy Herd Fertility management and recording
Herd Health Planning
Mastitis investigations, control and recording.
Lameness control, advice and training
Bull fertility testing
Nutritional advice and troubleshooting
Small farm training courses
Housing, environment and building advice
Parasite control plans
Flock Health programs

We are registered deliverers under the South West Healthy Livestock Initiative (SWHLI) a scheme provided by a range of organisations that aims to improve herd health in a range of diseases. This is part funded by European Community money and up to 70% funding is available to help with training and diagnostic services. If you would like to know more about SWHLI then please contact us.